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Rackspace launches two new Google Cloud products

Mon 23 Jul 2018


Rackspace has launched two new products for Google Cloud Platform with the aim of offering GCP customers better reliability and security.

Rackspace provides managed services for the major clouds and helps businesses through their cloud journeys, as the increasing complexity of cloud services and the number of products on offer makes it harder for in-house IT teams to manage and understand the process on their own.

Compared to AWS and Azure, Google Cloud is relatively small-fry, but Rackspace still clearly considers it to be worth its time. It has released a Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) program and two types of security programs – Rackspace Managed Security (RMS) for detection and response and RMS for compliance.

These two products, the company says, are part of its plan to build its GCP offerings. It hopes that these offerings will do as they say on the tin and offer better resiliency and security customers.

The Rackspace business model

“Navigating the complexities of a digital transformation and understanding the impact it has on a business is challenging, so we’re focused on being the trusted advisor for customers to help guide them through each phase of this journey,” said Patrick Lee, vice president of Rackspace Managed Services for Google Cloud Platform.

“Our new CRE offering provides a way for companies to pinpoint which applications matter most from a business perspective and then systematically measure and improve upon that. And with RMS and compliance assistance, we’re helping to ensure their data, applications and infrastructure are protected every step of the way.

“These offerings, paired with Rackspace and Google Cloud’s combined technical expertise, will make these applications more reliable and secure, and ultimately help drive greater business value.”

Rackspace is Google Cloud’s first CRE managed service partner and as such Google has insisted on major training programs and a hand-picked team. The hope for Google, of course, is that this knowledge can then be passed on to customers and bring more revenue to its cloud computing division.

As for Rackspace, it is one of the best known managed service providers and has a strong position as an early cloud adopter. It has moved away from pure cloud hosting and more towards services, leveraging its expertise in other clouds rather than necessarily its own cloud, as the market becomes ever more competitive.


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