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Fortnite creator Epic Games goes all-in on AWS

Thu 19 Jul 2018


Epic Games, the creator of global game sensation Fortnite, has chosen to go ‘all-in’ on AWS to power its infrastructure.

The video game and software development firm was already using AWS but has now chosen the world’s number one cloud infrastructure firm for the entirety of its infrastructure.

It will use AWS’s services to help it build new games and develop existing franchises for its worldwide player base, consisting of more than 100 million users.

Fortnite, the company’s flagship Battle Royale style game, which has become a global phenomenon in the gaming community, has always been on AWS. Amazon says that it was the scalability and performance of its infrastructure that suited Fortnite’s demands so well.

Epic Games runs its global game server fleet on AWS, as well as its backend systems, databases and websites. It will also make improvements to the games using the analytics, machine learning and containerisation services provided by AWS, Amazon says.

Fortnite’s cloud plans

Chris Dyl, Director of Platform at Epic Games, said: “We’ve been developing our services on AWS since 2012. AWS has the broadest and deepest portfolio of services that allow us to stay focused on driving innovation in our products rather than the basic infrastructure needed to get or keep a service running.

“Their unmatched scalability has been instrumental in keeping pace with our rocketing player populations. We decided to go all-in using AWS because they enable us to offer a quality gaming experience to millions of gamers around the world, simultaneously.

“We are excited to work with AWS to expand our use of analytics, machine learning, and containerized applications using Kubernetes to make our sizable infrastructure even easier to maintain.”

AWS has helped Fortnite’s developers deal with huge spikes in traffic. The team behind the game invited all 125 million players globally to take part in a massive one-time event. Thanks to AWS’ scalability, the company says, it was able to deal with this with few serious problems.

“Fortnite’s meteoric rise is a quintessential example of how embracing the cloud and utilizing it fully can significantly impact the trajectory of your business,” said Mike Clayville, Vice President at AWS. “Throughout Fortnite’s phenomenal growth trajectory, Epic Games has relied upon AWS to provide gamers with the best gaming experience in the world, and to speed innovation by delivering new items, features, and play modes to the game on a regular basis.”


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