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VMware launches Virtual Cloud Network in Malaysia

Thu 12 Jul 2018


VMware has announced plans to launch its Virtual Cloud Network in Malaysia, in an effort to accelerate digital transformation in the region.

The Virtual Cloud Network is a software layer that provides secure connectivity from the data center to the edge, without the need for data silos. Security is embedded into the system infrastructure with encryption for data in transit.

VMware will release the full VMware NSX networking and security portfolio for customers in Malaysia, to enable consistent, secure operation of apps and data transmission across software-defined data center (SDCC), edge networks, branch, cloud and telco environments.

The VMware NSX portfolio includes the NSX Data Center virtualization tool, the SD-WAN solution by VeloCloud, the NSX Hybrid Connect and NSX Cloud products.

SEAK VMware VP and Managing Director Sanjay K. Deshmukh noted that access to the Virtual Cloud Network would help businesses in Malaysia to adopt emerging technologies and gain a competitive edge, and for public agencies to improve the quality of services offered. “As Malaysia steps up its digital adoption rate, we are committed to equipping organisations here with the best solutions to ramp up their innovation and productivity in an environment that will only get more competitive,” he said.

In 2018, there were nearly 22 million internet users in Malaysia, and those users show a growing preference for mobile connectivity, with a growing number accessing the internet on smartphones and mobile devices. Virtual connectivity is key to advancing digital adoption for consumers and businesses as well.

VMware hopes that by deploying the Virtual Cloud Network in Malaysia, companies can create network architecture that is not bound to a hardware-based, physical location, but is instead provides anytime, anywhere access to promote the adoption of new technologies such as IoT.

An encrypted virtual cloud network is the basis for implementing effective IoT applications, as devices must communicate from the edge to the data center securely and efficiently.

SEAK VMware VP and Managing Director Sanjay K. Deshmukh, noted that the VMware Virtual Cloud would be valuable to the development of the Malaysian digital economy. “A digital foundation built on VMware enables organizations to flex and harness new technology at the speed which it evolves without disrupting business operations. Today, I’m excited to announce the software-defined Virtual Cloud Network, a new network approach for the next 20 years that will provide organizations with a robust and more secure connected infrastructure,” said Deshmukh.


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