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Cloud printing: easing the pain of frustrated IT people everywhere

Fri 29 Jun 2018 | Tom Barber

cloud printing

Imagine your average IT worker employed in an enterprise. They enjoy their work, feel motivated by their organisation and its mission, and generally enjoy the challenges, changes and excitement that comes with helping the business improve through technology.

Like all businesses, their organisation is using the cloud, and as such has migrated a lot of its workload into the cloud. This works well for our hypothetical employee – they know and understand cloud computing and appreciate its merits. There is, however, one thorn in their side – printing.

Because the business is using legacy printing systems, there are constant blocks and pitfalls to overcome. Drivers constantly need to be updated, permissions need to be validated (and often can’t be) and servers can’t be communicated with. The old printing systems are causing headaches everywhere.

To deploy enterprise print solutions on site then move them to the cloud would also force the worker to deal with massive software or infrastructure changes. These legacy solutions can’t run on any cloud platform because they aren’t flexible enough, and features that would make their life easier – remote printing, mobile printing or desktop printing from the cloud, are non-existent.

Wasted time and wasted money

All of this means that our beleaguered IT worker spends far too much of their time trying to navigate printing jobs through the maze of systems: the conflicting networks, firewalls and cloud infrastructure and solutions that the business uses.

The painful irony of this is that as well as being supremely frustrating for the IT person struggling away with multiple systems, it is bad news for the company’s bottom line. Wasted time is wasted money and given that the primary reason for cloud adoption in most cases is to save money spent on the IT department, the fact that money is being thrown away here on an unnecessary and time-consuming task is far from ideal.

cloud printing

But it’s not just wasted time and money. These types of problems are also damaging for company culture and employee engagement. Frustration at having to carry out menial, unnecessary administrative tasks, particularly those that could be eliminated if the employer chose to use the right tools for the job, is one of the major reasons why people start to feel disconnected from their jobs.

Why you should be printing in the cloud

A cloud printing service that works every time, with every cloud, is the dream for our frustrated IT hero.  True cloud printing solutions, like those provided by PrinterOn, are designed to work with everything by design – the cloud, third-party cloud services and on-premise infrastructures.

That’s crucial – there should be no half-measures with a true cloud printing solution. Some solutions utilise the cloud on some level but still depend on on-prem infrastructure to a significant extent or require time-consuming and unsatisfactory workarounds like VPNs.

True cloud printing services, however, will work on any cloud, at any time, in the same way. They avoid on-premise dependencies by utilising a secure outbound web connection, either inside the printer (in just the same way as a browser works) or by installing a Cloud Printing Gateway behind the firewall.

Not only that, but solutions such as those provided by PrinterOn are secure by design. Security technologies such as cloud-based user authentication, secure web services for communication (TLS), and encrypted data ensures end-to-end security. Given that these are established best practices for the industry, there is no reason why they should not be used for printing.

Finally, as well as solving the existing difficulties, cloud printing solutions bring additional features like mobile printing, web printing and remote printing.

Cloud printing as an enabler of business success

All this means that the IT worker who was spending hours trying to work with outdated systems and processes can concentrate on their job. Rather than trying to figure out how to get the print system to work without potentially breaking something, they’re able to print, wherever they are, whenever they want to.

That might seem like a relatively minor success, but what it actually means is that company time and money isn’t being wasted, the worker is able to focus on their real job and add value to the company. They feel significantly more engaged and less frustrated. In our original scenario, the business may have ended up losing a talented worker because they were simply too frustrated with working without the right tools. Now, they have a happy and engaged employee helping to push the business forward.

That’s PrinterOn’s mission. They’ve been in the cloud printing game since 2001 and understand it completely. They know the importance of having a secure and seamless cloud printing solution in the enterprise, and they know how to make it happen. They also know that ultimately cloud adoption is about ROI, and that improving your print solution will help provide that.

cloud printingTo learn more about enterprise cloud print solutions, or to get answers to any other important questions you may have, contact PrinterOn today.

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