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Aruba releases SD-WAN offering for simplicity and security

Wed 20 Jun 2018


Aruba has released its newest networking solution, SD-Branch, to help those in charge of corporate networks deal with changing requirements.

Intended to help IT teams deliver better network availability and application performance while simplifying the process, the release was driven by the constant development of cloud, mobile and IoT products and services.

As IT budgets get ever smaller, the number of diverse devices grows, and workers rely more on cloud-based applications, network managers have an increasingly difficult and complex job. Those out in the branches of a network don’t have it easy either, with many different tools for network management and security competing for space and adding complexity.

That’s the problem that Aruba is looking to solve. It wants to provide one point for SD-WAN, wired and wireless networking and policy enforcement, and deliver secure and simple connectivity between branches.

Aruba hopes to SD-WIN

If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. Aruba argues that the product is a ‘significant advancement’ in comparison to standard SD-WAN offerings. According to the firm, it can reduce the cost of WAN connectivity, make deploying large distributed installations easier, and reduce device footprint.

It has supposedly achieved this in part by working with various partners. One of those partners, Sayers, builds customised hardware and software for IT infrastructure. The firm’s VP of engineering, Joel Grace, said: “When introducing a customer to SD-WAN solutions, the last thing you want to do is introduce complexity and extra cost, especially at the branch.”

“With the Aruba SD-Branch solution, customers get an easy to deploy and cost-effective offering.”

Aruba also worked with famed cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks, whose VP, Terry Ramos, had this to say: “Expanding our existing integration to the new Aruba SD-Branch solution means that customer security policies will remain consistent and automated so they can streamline routine tasks and focus on business priorities.”

Customers using the service include posh clothes dealer Vera Wang, whose IT people say the product has helped them save money and time.

SD-Branch can be delivered in either hardware or subscription form. Hardware prices start at $1,495 (approx. £1136) per gateway, while subscriptions prices begin at $450 (£342) per gateway per year.


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