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Serverless framework Nuclio released for enterprise customers

Wed 2 May 2018

Enterprise customers now have access to Nuclio, a cloud-neutral serverless framework for data processing, real-time analytics and artificial intelligence.

Nuclio, built by Iguazio, can be used in the cloud or on-premises, though the company has worked with Microsoft to ensure it works best with Azure, where it states that it can provide the ‘most advanced serverless framework deployable at the edge.’ According to founder Yaron Haviv, the product performs at a rate 10 to 100 times faster than the equivalent.

According to Iguazio, Nuclio offers ‘seamless workload portability’ in three different environments – whether in Azure, other leading cloud vendors, or on-prem. The plan for Iguazio is to help enterprises use serverless computing by smoothing out operational problems and increase speed of delivery, through its Continuous Data Platform.

Iguazio is working with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation on a set of standards for serverless, according to Haviv. Speaking to The Stack at KubeCon in Copenhagen, Haviv argued for the importance of open standards in this area.

“Serverless is essentially cloud-native, by nature. It’s a packaged version of cloud-native – instead of doing everything manually, you get it pre-canned. We said that CNCF needs to essentially lead standardisation because right now Amazon has Lambda which is very proprietary, Azure has their own proprietary products, and also all the open source solutions aren’t very aligned,” he said.

“So as a customer, if you need to go build something, you are locked in to a set of APIs. So, we’ve decided on an agenda, which took some time, as not everyone has the same agenda. We’ve defined what serverless in our whitepaper. The next milestone for us is defining how we invoke a function – this will help us move towards interoperability.”

Mika Borner, Management Consultant for Data Analytics at LC Systems, commented on the need to combine high performance with serverless functions, arguing that Nuclio works well for this. “We use Nuclio to develop solutions in the cloud for deployment either at the edge or on-prem, allowing us to rapidly develop and operationalize applications.”

Serverless computing is becoming increasingly popular, thanks in part to its simplicity and the fact that it allows developers to focus purely on the code they are deploying rather than the infrastructure underneath it.


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