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Echoworx expands email encryption to APAC

Mon 26 Mar 2018

Email encryption security company Echoworx announced that it will expand the OneWorld communication platform to countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

OneWorld is a scalable, flexible encryption platform created to integrate with existing business systems. It can be configured to work with cloud, hybrid, and on-premises networks and provides for secure document delivery, large-file exchange, and webmail services.

Australia will be the launching point for Echoworx APAC operations, with the addition of an Australian data centre in May 2018, with locations in Japan and Indonesia to follow.

The move to APAC is intended to serve a region that is currently believed to have a need for better cybersecurity options. One study showed that 46% of organizations surveyed have difficulty keeping up with evolving cybersecurity technologies and that APAC businesses use cybersecurity budgets on antivirus and firewalls, while few invest in advanced solutions such as two-factor authentication, anti-ransomware, and encryption.

Michael Ginsberg, Echoworx President and CEO, said that the company followed a similar strategy in Latin America, where it was one of the first encryption and security providers to market. “We have a first-mover advantage there and would like to parlay that stance in APAC, starting in Australia.”

Just last month, Echoworx announced a partnership with Mexico’s Moneta Technologies, working with them on secure electronic payments and technology infrastructure for the banking and financial services industries.

Echoworx currently has data centres in Mexico, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., with APAC locations to follow. These data centres provide for locally-stored data, to assist businesses with national regulations prohibiting physical data storage outside of a country’s borders.

Ginsberg noted, “Different areas have different maturities and different concerns, such as where is their data being housed. Jurisdictional awareness is a big security purchasing decision when it comes to countries’ data.”

Echoworx also expects to assist countries throughout the EU with GDPR compliance. While in-country data storage is not currently a requirement in the EU, data security is an important part of GDPR regulations.


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