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Businesses failing to measure success of digital transformation projects

Tue 9 Jan 2018

Many businesses are not adequately measuring the success of their digital transformation projects, according to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Research from the cloud trade body and managed hybrid IT firm, Ensono, illustrates the gulf between what businesses expected to get out of digital transformation and what they have found to have got out of it.

The study, which interviewed 250 business and IT decision makers from enterprise organisations, found that the main drivers for digital transformation projects were cost savings, increased profitability and better productivity.

However, it found that businesses are not properly measuring their success in these endeavours. Though nearly all (99%) of the surveyed organisations are measuring their digital transformation projects in some manner, their findings do not match specific KPIs.

For instance, despite 70% saying that cost savings were the number one driver behind digital transformation, only 51% are actually measuring this. Conversely, 52% of those involved in the study are measuring customer satisfaction, despite only 40% citing this as a driver.

Alex Hilton, CIF CEO, said: “When the Cloud Industry Forum first started researching digital transformation two years ago, it was a relatively minor concern, with only 51% having started the process.

“In this latest study, 100% of the organisations we spoke to reported that they were pursuing digital transformation and some 16% stated that they had already completed it. Great strides are being made, but organisations need to ensure they have the right vision, objectives and the appropriate measurements in place to ensure it delivers to the business.”

Though businesses are struggling to properly measure their digital transformation KPIs, the majority are finding themselves pleased with the overall results. Most said that digital transformation had provided as much, or better, value than expected. 48% of business leaders in the survey said that their digital transformation projects had exceeded their expectations.

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