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Microsoft launches Azure Stack in India

Thu 14 Dec 2017

Microsoft has launched its Azure Stack in India, to assist customers in building customized, hybrid cloud environments and applications using Azure products.

With today’s launch, Azure Stack partners including Dell, EMC, Lenovo and Cisco have begun to ship Azure Stack to Indian customers. Microsoft has also prepared local partners including Netmagic, Embee and G7CR for the local launch of Azure Stack, so that companies that are new to the product can begin to build on-premises cloud storage and applications.

Microsoft announced at the same time that 70 of the top 100 companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange are current customers of Microsoft, using Azure products and services for the digital transformation of their organizations. The company also has customers throughout the country, counting 200,000 companies of all sizes, 29 state governments, and 5000 startups among their Indian users.

Anant Maheshwari, president of Microsoft India, said that the company is working to accelerate movement toward intelligent solutions in the cloud and in edge computing as well. He said, “Microsoft and our partners are helping customers who want to utilize the full power of our cloud platform and use Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, cognitive intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).”

In a speech given at the Microsoft campus in Hyderabad, Maheshwari valued the intelligent cloud market in India at $100 billion (approx. £74 billion). With digital transformation occurring across India and in all sectors, intelligent cloud coupled with all its associated products and services presents a $100-billion opportunity,” he said. “We were the first player to introduce cloud in India and that will give us an edge in gaining from the opportunity digital transformation in the country presents.”

He also shed light on Microsoft’s strategy in India, stating that banking and financial industries, as well as IT and startups, will lead the country’s digital transformation and help to create the market for intelligent cloud.

The Azure Stack is an extension of the Microsoft cloud, used to provide data services in on-premises environments. When combined with Azure Cloud services, customers can build hybrid cloud solutions using both public and private, on-premises cloud products from Microsoft.


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