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Huawei announces ‘Site on Demand’ for emerging markets

Thu 23 Nov 2017

Huawei, a leader in telecommunications equipment manufacturing, has announced the availability of Site on Demand, a new solution for mobile broadband (MBB) technology to help operators provide cost-effective coverage in emerging markets.

Site on Demand offers pre-set, tightly integrated infrastructure and network equipment, with four different versions to cover different environmental scenarios. Each type of site allows for zero-site deployment, self-backhaul, and centralized power supply. According to Huawei, the Site on Demand can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) for MBB operators by approximately 30% in urban environments and up to 50% for suburban areas.

With Site on Demand, Huawei uses cloud and big data technology to minimize the necessity for hardware and infrastructure to save end-to-end site ownership costs, while improving broadband coverage and capacity for markets which are currently underserved.

While emerging markets represent an enormous opportunity for potential growth, a traditional path to providing MBB service requires enormous investment in infrastructure, site acquisitions, and O&M costs. Huawei’s new Site on Demand, instead, offers four different types of sites to present a cost-efficient solution to bypass traditional infrastructure costs.

The new Sites on Demand include the TubeStar, intended for urban macro coverage, and VillaRadio, for urban in-depth coverage. PoleStar was created to cover suburban areas, and Ruralstar provides for accurate coverage in rural environments.

Cao Ming, VP of Wireless Network Products for Huawei, noted that emerging markets cannot follow the infrastructure blueprint set by developed markets. “Instead, they need to have their own network development plans tailored to their business and service requirements. They need to select the most appropriate products and solutions to serve their purposes.”

Just last week, Huawei’s LampSite Sharing solution was used to provide download speeds of up to 270 MBps at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London. LampSite was created for multi-mode deployment in midsized sites such as office buildings and event venues, to be shared by different operators, thus reducing the cost to operate an MBB network.


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