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DevOps and cloud adoption continues to rise, finds study

Fri 27 Oct 2017

DevOps and cloud are being increasingly embraced by UK businesses to push their digital transformation plans, according to a new study from open source infrastructure firm SUSE.

Taken from a global survey, the report finds that British companies are looking to improve agility, save money and reduce risk through the use of cloud technology such as software-defined infrastructure (SDI) and containers, as well as through DevOps.

Its main findings centre around continued cloud adoption, security, SDI, and industry skills. UK businesses are moving to the cloud at a higher rate than many other countries, with hybrid cloud leading the charge, as 65% of those polled expect to increase their use across the next two years.

Private cloud and public cloud saw results of 62% and 41% respectively in the same category. There is a desire for simplified cloud security, with 91% of UK respondents saying they would ideally move from development in the public cloud to production in the private cloud, and 28% saying they already have done. Security is the main driving force behind this, argue the report’s authors.

UK businesses have a particular disposition towards private cloud for business-critical workloads, with 54% preferring this, compared to 43% globally. Again, security appears to be an important driver behind this, with 83% expecting a simplified security process on private cloud.

Significantly, the study finds that businesses are beginning to take DevOps seriously, with 96% reporting DevOps to be part of their future IT strategy. Three-quarters of the UK companies polled intend on modifying their application development and delivery to fit a DevOps model.

Key to this move towards a DevOps approach is the development of software-defined infrastructure (SDI), which can provide the flexible and modular cloud infrastructure suited to a DevOps focussed approach, which can be complex.

SUSE Regional director, Danny Rowark, commented: “Faced with increasing customer demands and industry disruption, IT leaders in the UK are rethinking their approach and searching for the best way to quickly increase agility and speed while keeping costs down.”

Despite the increasing importance being placed on DevOps in business, there is a shortage of workers with the skills to fulfil these roles. The study found that 69% of UK organisations are worried about the lack of ‘available skillsets’ when moving to the cloud, with 74% worried about the skillset within their own company.

As such, nearly all (99%) of IT leaders polled in the study say it is important to address the skills shortage in private cloud, with 94% agreeing for public cloud, and 92% for hybrid cloud. Leaders also believe that areas such as AI, DevOps and containers need more skilled workers than are currently available in the market.


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