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Equinix partners with Oracle to expand interconnection in U.S. and Europe

Tue 24 Oct 2017

Equinix has announced an expansion of its partnership with Oracle, with dedicated, private access to Oracle cloud through a further 16 of its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in America and Europe.

The expansion means that customers can privately connect to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) through the firm’s FastConnect system in eight new metros in America and eight in Europe.

These include Atlanta, Chicago and New York in the U.S., and Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London in Europe. The expansion represents significant investment in the existing partnership, following the success of the initial OCI launch in Equinix data centres in Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Sydney and Washington D.C. in 2015.

According to Equinix, the partnership will allow business customers across the U.S. and Europe to ‘migrate and run compute, applications and data workloads to Oracle Cloud in a high-throughput, scalable manner that delivers consistent and predictable performance.’

Interconnection is increasingly common and the firm states that the move will be useful for businesses looking to pursue direct connection as part of an interconnection strategy. Alternatively, it states that it could also be used for migrating data-heavy applications to the cloud, thanks to its scalability.

Equinix cites its Global Interconnection Index study, published this year, which states that 82% of enterprise business’ bandwidth is predicted to be dedicated to interconnection to networks and cloud by 2020.

It also expects growth in Europe of 44% per annum to 1450 Tbps by 2020, as a result of factors such as data sovereignty. Equinix global managing director, Robert Blackburn, commented: “We are excited to continue our collaboration with Oracle and extend this service to multiple U.S. and European metros.

“The ability to connect directly to Oracle is an essential strategy for enterprises as they deploy workloads to the cloud. By providing direct access, our mutual customers can create a high-speed, dedicated and low-latency connection that allows them to fully realize the benefits of Oracle deployment, while complying with local data sovereignty regulations.”


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