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Cloud Foundry announces online marketplace for expanding ecosystem

Thu 12 Oct 2017

Cloud Foundry, the cloud application platform used by many Fortune 500 companies, has launched an online marketplace for the development of open source container technology.

The marketplace, referred to as the Foundry, defines a ‘stack’ of categories, such as system integrators and applications, and places them in a marketplace of services, add-ons and more, in one location.

The initial phase of the Foundry will be focussed on developers. It will help ‘organizations that provide tools and services that enable developers to quickly build and prototype applications.’ These tools and services include frameworks, runtimes, databases, messaging, API gateways and others.

This directory contains more than 600 services, including Cloud Foundry distributions from some major names such as IBM, Pivotal and SAP.

For now, the main focus of the Foundry will be in six areas; training partners, distributions, services, infrastructure providers, consulting and integrators, and other integrations. The organisation intends to grow to incorporate ‘associated technologies including those tied to operations and line of business engagement within the Cloud Foundry Community.’

Cloud Foundry CTO, Chip Childers, said: ‘Cloud Foundry is more than just software — it encompasses an ecosystem of distributions, application services, training, IaaS providers, consultants and integrators that provide a full range of solutions to our users.

‘As more organizations adopt open source in general — and Cloud Foundry in particular — ecosystems are becoming more diverse.’

Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud platform technology, used by some major technology names, including Cisco, Dell EMC, Google and HPE. It is a scalable, container-based architecture that runs apps on different clouds, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. It describes itself as the ‘modern standard for mission critical apps.’

The firm recently released a survey titled the ‘Cloud Foundry Application Runtime User Survey’, which found that nearly half (49%) of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime users are large enterprise businesses, with revenues of more than $1 billion. In the same survey, Cloud Foundry noted the difficulty of deploying Cloud Foundry, given the scale at which it is often deployed.

Speaking at a press conference at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Basel, Abby Kearns, Cloud Foundry executive director, addressed this issue, saying: “We’ve heard for years that Cloud Foundry is hard to use, and hard to get started on.

“You don’t just download and deploy and you’re off and running in a minute. It’s bigger and more complicated. A lot is going on in extension projects, around how to make it easier to get started with.”

The technology is currently used by many Fortune 500 companies as well as governments worldwide.


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