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Puppet acquires Distelli amid expansion plans

Mon 25 Sep 2017


Automation vendor Puppet has acquired Distelli, a delivery software firm based out of Puppet’s home state of Oregon.

The purchase will look to combine Puppet’s wide reach and its position as a frontrunner in the DevOps market with Distelli’s container and application deployment services. Puppet hopes to help businesses increase automation across the software delivery lifecycle, and push forward DevOps projects.

Through the acquisition, businesses should benefit from end-to-end visibility into and control over application delivery, regardless of where it runs. That can include VMs or containerised applications, either on-premises or in any cloud.

Puppet CEO, Sanjay Mirchandani, said: ‘Automation makes world-class application delivery straightforward for every enterprise, not just for companies born in the cloud.

‘We are bringing a comprehensive solution for orchestrating and automating the entire software delivery lifecycle, from infrastructure, all the way up through containers.’

Rahul Singh, Distelli CEO, noted the boost for his customers, commenting: ‘With Puppet’s category-defining DevOps technology and expertise, customers will have access to automation best practices of the world’s most innovative companies.’

The Stack recently spoke to Marianne Calder, Puppet EMEA VP, in Barcelona at VMworld Europe, about the company’s plans for the future. She believes companies are looking for greater ability to drive their software faster.

Puppet, she argued, sees customer experience as the differentiator, and 80% of competition going forward will be based on the customer experience. Taking a digitally transformative approach to business is key, said Calder, but she believes digital transformation can have even wider implications.

Sweden, she noted, is most of the way to a cashless society, and aims to be 95% cash-free by 2020. Aiming to transform entire countries seems a high bar to set, but as the firm already works with 75% of Fortune 100 companies, ambitious plans seem understandable.

Looking at what ‘customer experience’ really means, Calder argued that it’s more about allowing people to do what they already do, and are familiar with, in an easier and more intuitive way. Mobile technology, for instance, means people don’t have to go out of their way to carry out banking transactions.

Developing this point of looking to improve customer experience through its offerings, the company is aiming to expand, with the team growing significantly in the last nine months. It’s moved into Asia, with new offices in Singapore and Japan.

The acquisition, then, looks to confirm Puppet’s aims to keep expanding and offering more services to a wider span of customers. Distelli will continue to offer its products commercially and will work out of its existing offices in Seattle.


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