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VMware launches VMware Cloud on AWS

Tue 29 Aug 2017

VMware has announced the immediate availability of VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services. VMware Cloud on AWS offers customers an integrated, hybrid cloud environment, allowing the extension of on-premises vSphere systems to the AWS cloud using the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) running on AWS infrastructure.

The announcement, made at the VMworld 2017 Conference in Las Vegas, was followed by announcements from several companies including Rackspace and Veeam of new cloud services specifically for VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as expanded partnerships between VMware and global enterprises such as Dell, HP, and Fujitsu.

The new offering will allow customers to run applications across different cloud environments including private, public and hybrid based on the VMware software-defined data center. Customers will benefit from a consistent cloud environment that offers access to AWS services and support, powered by the VMware SDDC platform integrating VSAN, NSX, and vSphere hypervisor virtualization technology with the VMware vCenter management system.

VMware Cloud on AWS enables businesses to use the same tools for public and private cloud environments, so that customer-facing applications are presented in a consistent manner, improving services and reducing costs. Enterprises may also benefit from seamless portability between private and public cloud environments provided by the VMware SDDC, providing administrators greater flexibility in planning and balancing workloads, while at the same time offering options for real-time scalability.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, noted that the partnership between VMware and AWS will allow customers access to a consistent, seamless cloud environment that “combines the VMware software they love with the unmatched functionality, security, and operational expertise of the AWS Cloud.”

“The majority of the world’s enterprises have virtualized their data centers with VMware,” he said, “and now these customers can easily move applications between their on-premises environments and AWS without having to purchase any new hardware, rewrite their applications, or modify their operations.”

Using VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can access all of AWS’s services including databases, security, compute and analytics tools, and other application services.

Fujitsu plans to offer VMware cloud solutions as a service on K5, the Fujitsu Cloud Service. HP is partnering with VMware to help administrators conduct device lifecycle management to improve efficiency, while the Dell EMC partnership is focused on providing security measures for the VMware Cloud on AWS.

Rackspace has announced that it will offer Fanatical Support for VMware Cloud on AWS, and Veeam has made its Availability Suite an integrated option for the new VMware Cloud as well.


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