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Crashplan ends consumer backup services to focus on business

Wed 23 Aug 2017

Crashplan, the cloud backup service operated by Code42 Software, has left the consumer backup market.

The company has made the decision to ‘focus all its efforts on the business and organisation market’, according to CEO Joseph Payne. This new focus means that customers using the service for home backup will no longer be able to do so.

The company did not give an explicit reason why it chose to end the service. For now, it is extending subscriptions by 60 days at no extra cost in order to give customers time to migrate data, and aims to give customers the ‘easiest and most efficient transition possible.’

For those that want to continue using the company’s services, there are two options. Crashplan allows users to quickly switch to their small business plan, which costs $10 per month per device. Alternatively, customers are being pointed in the direction of Crashplan’s partner Carbonite for home computer backup.

There is a relatively long time-frame for the process, with the company’s website stating that Crashplan for home users will no longer be available for use starting October 23rd, 2018. However, that is the very end date for the product, and the company’s release states that they will ‘begin to sunset the product over several months.’

Consumers may have some concerns about their data, and Crashplan should work to alleviate these fears, according to Director of the International Sanitisation Consortium, Richard Stiennon: ‘CrashPlan has to be very careful not to alienate their consumer customers as many consumers can also be corporate clients. It should assure their current customers that their data will be available for a specified period (at least 90 days) and that it will be secure from all attacks during that time.’

Although existing customers are being pushed towards Carbonite, the end of Crashplan’s home backup service has clearly pleased rival Backblaze. The cloud backup provider welcomed new customers in a blog post, saying: ‘With news coming out this morning of CrashPlan exiting the consumer market, we know some of you may be considering which backup provider to call home. We welcome you to try us.’

Fully capitalising on the situation, Backblaze has even produced a chart directly comparing itself to Carbonite, arguing that its product is cheaper and provides more services.


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