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Rackspace pushes private cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation

Mon 21 Aug 2017

Rackspace has announced that it will be extending its private cloud capabilities through VMware Cloud Foundation.

The managed cloud provider released a statement confirming the general availability of Rackspace Private Cloud built on VMware‘s Cloud Foundation, a software-defined data centre (SDDC) package. The enhanced capabilities are now available across all regions.

According to the company, Rackspace Private Cloud will enable fully software-defined data centre capabilities, including compute, storage and networking that span both public and private cloud environments.

Rackspace hopes to help businesses make the most of their VMware deployments by helping them to build and operate physical and virtual infrastructure. It notes how companies are increasingly looking to free up IT resources from day-to-day infrastructure management in order to focus on their key business objectives.

VP and GM of VMware at Rackspace, Peter FitzGibbon, said: ‘Provisioning hardware quickly is no longer considered a value for customers, it’s expected. The enhancement in our VMware private cloud delivery model through VMware Cloud Foundation will provide further value to new and existing Rackspace Private Cloud by giving them access to the most streamlined and innovative VMware SDDC capabilities and lifecycle management.’

VMware Cloud Foundation is a package offering which aims to streamline solutions such as vSphere, vSAN, and NSX, and also includes the company’s SDDC Manager, which automates the entire system lifecycle.

It can be used on-premises for private cloud deployments or run as a service from the public cloud. The tool is intended to simplify the path to the hybrid cloud while increasing admin productivity and reducing overall costs.

VMware has performed particularly well this year and recently released a preliminary earnings announcement. The report revealed significantly better forecasts than expected, including a projected revenue increase of 12.9% to 14.4% from the second quarter of 2016.


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