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Google cuts price of local SSDs by 63%

Wed 9 Aug 2017

Google has announced that it has cut the price of local solid-state disks (SSDs) attached to on-demand Google Compute Engine virtual machines by up to 63%. This figure would mean around $0.080 per gigabyte per month in most U.S. regions.

For local SSDs used with Preemptible VM instances will also become up to 71% cheaper, which represents around $0.064 per GB per month.

Preemptible VMs cannot run for more than 24 hours and Google can shut down the VM earlier and use capacity for other purposes. This allows Google to use its data centre capacity more efficiently and share the savings with customers. Businesses can request special local SSD quota for use with Preemptible instances.

Preemptible VMs are used by more and more Google Cloud Platform business customers looking to reduce their computing costs. The service is used for analysing financial markets, processing data, rendering movies, analysing genomic data, transcoding media and completing a variety of business and engineering tasks.

‘At Google we’re always looking to reduce total cost of ownership for our customers, pass along price reductions achieved through technology advancements and adjust our pricing so you can take advantage of technology that will help you innovate, in a manner that’s simple for our users,’ Google said in an official announcement.

Google outlines in a storage options overview that every local SSD is 375GB, but that up to eight local SSD devices can be attached to get 3TB of total local SSD storage per instance.

An important feature of local SSDs is that business can attach any amount of local SSD storage to any machine shape. There is also no fixed ratio of local SSD capacity to a VM’s vCPU count and memory.

Local SSDs are available on the same instances as GPUs, giving customers more flexibility when building high-performance systems.


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