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Amazon seeks developers as new cloud project launches

Wed 2 Aug 2017

Amazon is looking for software development engineers to join a new team in San Diego to work on Supply Chain Optimization Technology. The new staff will work with automated predictive systems which estimate the distribution of products to Amazon’s warehouses.

The jobs have been posted on the official website this month. The company is seeking professionals with 3+ years of experience to join a ‘highly innovative team’ which will be building new mission critical software for millions of Amazon users.

Positions will be located in San Diego, but the number of people to be hired is not yet specified.

The company is planning to build the next generation of software systems for managing the entire Inbound Supply Chain. The new project will provide real time visibility platform that tracks every truck and shipment in the company’s supply network with regards to its position, content and route, as well as a prediction engine for arrival at destination.

Using that data the system will automatically schedule work and guide labour planning across the inbound supply chain. Every shipment will be automatically prioritised with the help of an optimisation module to minimise cost for Amazon.

Amazon describes the technology as a ‘large scale distributed system which will need to process billions of signals and scale for large datagrams.’

The tech giant is also looking for a Senior Software Developer Engineer to possibly lead the newly-created team. This position requires 5+ years of experience in software development.

Last month Amazon had a patent approved for a drone that can scan a business or residence while making a delivery, in order to create personalised recommendations based on what it finds.

The patent, called Trigger Agents in Video Stream from Drones, allows an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to be configured to record audio or video data during delivery, and to recommend a product or service based on what it sees and hears.


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