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Google launches new cloud region in Singapore

Thu 15 Jun 2017

Google Cloud

Google has launched a new Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Singapore to capitalize on a booming market for cloud computing in the area.

The new GCP region, known as southeast-asia1, is the first in Southeast Asia and the third in Asia as a whole. The introduction of the new region follows a 100% increase in paid GCP customers in Singapore over the last year.

The Singapore region is comprised of two zones, offering compute, big data, storage and networking services.

Google also announced that it has been awarded Level 3 multi-tier cloud security certification for the Singapore region, with formal approval to follow. This opens the Google Cloud Platform as an option, along with Azure and AWS which are also MTCS certified, for those organizations that require adherence to the strictest of security standards.

Adding a GCP region in Southeast Asia is expected to improve latency for local customers. The company stated that it was able to reduce round-trip time (RTT) latency for customers by 51% to 98% using the dedicated Singapore region rather than funneling data through GCP regions in Taiwan or Tokyo.

At a press conference in Singapore, Google Cloud chief Diane Greene said that the new GCP region will allow clients to grow their businesses with improved access to the Google Cloud suite of products and the advantages of a global cloud network.

“We’ve been building and operating cloud infrastructure for a long time, and our goals have remained the same for past 15 to 16 years – that is to make it easy to build and run great software, and acquire, manage and learn from data on a global scale reliably and securely,” she said.

Greene also revealed that Google Cloud is planning two additional GCP regions in the area, one based in Sydney and the other in Mumbai.

The push for cloud customers is increasingly important to providers, as the market for public cloud service and infrastructure spending is expected to increase by over 24% from 2016, reaching $122.5 billion this year. By 2020, forecasted spending could go as high as $203.4 billion. Southeast Asia is poised to grow at an accelerated rate, as cloud adoption is predicted to reach up to 70% of enterprises in the region.


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