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Microsoft joins open source Cloud Foundry Foundation

Wed 14 Jun 2017

Cloud Foundry

Microsoft has announced that it has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Gold Member. In line with the new partnership, Microsoft will extend Cloud Foundry integration with Azure to provide additional support for the development of Cloud Foundry apps on the Azure platform.

The announcement was made at yesterday’s Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017 in Santa Clara.

Advances to Cloud Foundry’s integration with Microsoft Azure include back-end integration of Cloud Foundry with the Azure Database, including PostgreSQL and MySQL. Cloud broker support will be provided as well, for SQL Database, Service Bus and Cosmos DB.

Additionally, Microsoft has created a Cloud Provider Interface that includes infrastructure required to run on Cloud Foundry, an Azure meta-service broker to assist CF developers with applications provisioning, and a Visual Studio plugin providing a direct pipeline to deploy Visual Studio applications to a Cloud Foundry environment. Monitoring applications is simplified with the use of MS Operations Management Suite Log Analytics, which allow the collection of metrics for data analysis of Cloud Foundry applications.

Membership in the non-profit Cloud Foundry Foundation indicates Microsoft’s commitment to open source technology and its support of an open environment to promote technological advancements. Currently, Microsoft has hundreds of open source projects available through Microsoft and GitHub.

Corey Sanders, Director of Compute for MS Azure said in a blog post: “The partnership with the Cloud Foundry Foundation extends our commitment to deeply collaborate and innovate in the open community. We remain committed to create a diverse and open technology ecosystem, to offer you the freedom to deploy the application solution you want on the cloud platform you prefer.”

Cloud Foundry has experienced incredible growth worldwide, providing the cloud platform for an estimated 35% of the total cloud applications worldwide. The market value is currently $2.8 billion but a recent estimate by Gartner holds that Cloud Foundry’s market value could rise to $5.25 billion over the next few years.

Abby Kearns, Executive Director of the Cloud Foundry Foundation noted that as software developers become more important to the success of corporations, there is a shortage of talent available in a rapidly changing environment. “In fact,” she said, “this change led us to re-imagine the Cloud Foundry Summit, bringing the developer experience to the forefront through new language-specific tracks as well as on-site training and certification.”

In addition to the announcement of Microsoft’s membership, Cloud Foundry also shared that the Cloud Foundry Developer Certification will now be publicly available. The Foundation has trained over 5,000 developers since March 2017 and created an official certification program as a way for developers to demonstrate cloud-native skills independent of specific vendor alignment.


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