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IBM upgrades VersaStack for hybrid cloud

Mon 12 Jun 2017


IBM has announced a new version of the VersaStack converged infrastructure solution. VersaStack now includes new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and hybrid cloud capabilities, which can be used to lower costs and increase the flexibility of hybrid cloud networks.

The VersaStack VDI can also help customers to reduce data center costs while increasing the security of data stored in hybrid cloud environments.

VersaStack is now compatible with the IBM FlashSystem A9000 as well as IBM Spectrum Accelerate software, allowing clients to manage VDI workloads and data reduction while enabling seamless data migration from on-premise networks to the cloud.

IBM has stated that VersaStack may provide up to 83% reduction in overhead for design, deployment and management of hybrid cloud networks, up to 49% reduction in power and cooling costs, and up to 78% reduction in cabling.

Additionally, a simplified architecture and infrastructure automation allow for rapid scalability and a lower total cost of ownership, with reduced capital and operating expenses.

VersaStack can be easily applied to customer requirements in the areas of converged cloud, application development and testing, IT as a Service, and capacity optimization efforts.

The upgraded VersaStack solution provides flexible, scalable architecture that allows clients to easily configure storage, compute and networking based on their own requirements. Hybrid cloud capabilities allow clients to move applications and data into the cloud, increasing agility while improving system performance.

IBM research concluded that 64% of cloud adopters in the U.S. currently use a hybrid cloud, combining cloud networking with legacy IT functions. Over 80% are expected to have hybrid cloud architectures by the end of this year. Including hybrid cloud management capabilities in the new VersaStack product allows IBM to answer customer demands for cost-effective and secure solutions to help with data migration in a hybrid cloud environment.

VersaStack also integrates with Cisco UCS and Cisco networking which can lead to improved performance and reduction in management overhead to the client.

IBM also announced that as part of the IBM/Cisco partnership, IBM will add Cisco equipment to the IBM Solution Center in Montpellier, France. VersaStack will be demonstrated this month at Cisco Live in Las Vegas.


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