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HPE pushes for greater hybrid IT innovation

Tue 6 Jun 2017

HPE Discover

As HPE Discover 2017 opens in Las Vegas, the tech giant is looking to win over customers to its Gen10 suite of hybrid cloud solutions.

The servers and storage arm of the now-split HP is standing by the argument that the majority of businesses are approaching their hybrid cloud infrastructure strategies in the wrong way.

According to a report from The Register, Ric Lewis, SVP and general manager at HPE’s software-defined and cloud unit claims that most private clouds are simply virtual machine (VM) farms – ‘It is not really a private cloud that seems like the public cloud where you have available services and you are maximizing on that.’

For Lewis, the issue lies in the disconnect between what has traditionally been associated with IT and technology filtering into other areas of a business. Instead of IT teams solely being involved in decision-making, management and development staff are now also involved and bring with them their own specific requirements.

Lewis argues that as a result, hybrid cloud has become no more than IT running VMs on-premises for local applications, with developers ignoring internal IT teams and adding their own public cloud instances to the mix.

HPE believes it has found the answer in its Synergy and SimpliVity platforms, both of which form part of the company’s Gen10 suite on its new ProLiant servers.

Using the two platforms, HPE hopes that customers will be able to manage storage and better organise hardware and software in order to operate more effectively as a ‘true cloud’ system, across both on-premises machines and public clouds.

In a further step towards these plans, HPE has also announced a new concept, ‘Project New Stack‘, which is seeking to deliver a single management platform to align IT, management, and developer features. The project would also allow applications to access both public and private clouds.

At the Global Partner Summit, CEO Meg Whitman emphasised the push for hybrid cloud innovations: “Whether for reasons of cost or security or performance, the public cloud was no longer the best option… These customers don’t want to just unplug. They want to scale to a hybrid environment that is developer-friendly and gives their business more control and better total cost of ownership.”

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