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Oracle announces enhanced cloud security offerings

Mon 5 Jun 2017

Oracle cloud

Oracle has announced improvements to cloud security services, leveraging the company’s advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

The new services include the addition of Adaptive Access to the Oracle Identity Cloud service, automated threat detection in Oracle software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, and advanced risk monitoring using machine learning engines.

The Oracle Identity Cloud Service, the cloud-native security and identity management platform, now includes Adaptive Access capabilities. This addition allows for a flexible, dynamic risk context to be applied to security management, which responds to changing risk profiles with adjusted access controls. It also has the capability for intuitive policy administration and supports integration with Oracle Identity Security Operations Center (SOC). Using artificial intelligence, Oracle can now offer a dynamic security solution that responds to risk and protects clients in an ever-changing environment.

Peter Barker, SVP of Identity and Security at Oracle, remarked on the benefits that advancements in machine learning can provide to clients of cloud services.

“We are making a large investment in providing comprehensive security solutions that can help enterprises adapt, manage and strengthen their security posture against external and internal risks,” he said.

“Our expertise in data science and machine learning enable Oracle to bring unique, scalable and dependable security services to customers transitioning workloads to the Oracle Cloud or third party clouds.”

The Oracle CASB Cloud Service has a built-in user behavior analytics (UBA) engine, which establishes user baselines and compares activity to baseline in order to identify anomalous behavior. Should the UBA engine identify deviations from baseline behaviors, it automatically begins a customer-directed incident response or automated remediation to address the issue. Threat responses may either be client-supervised or automated, depending on the client’s preferences at various levels of risk.

The CASB Cloud Service also integrates security monitoring and threat detection with Oracle’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, allowing customers to use machine learning to monitor threats to enterprise environments. Oracle threat detection may be integrated with the Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, and the Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite.

Finally, the Slack platform and the Symantec/BlueCoat gateway have been added to the list of applications and services that are supported by the Oracle CASB Cloud Service.

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