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SAP Cloud now compatible with AWS, Google and Azure

Wed 17 May 2017

SAP cloud

SAP has announced that the Cloud Foundry-based SAP Cloud Platform is now compatible with the three foremost cloud providers: Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

With this announcement, SAP has positioned itself as the first end-to-end digital enterprise platform to allow customers to choose between the major infrastructure-as-a-service providers. SAP will provide full multi-cloud support for the cloud platform, and all cloud actions can be controlled by the client through a simple, unified command center.

Customers may select infrastructure powered by SAP, or by Amazon Web Services. Microsoft Azure is currently available as a public preview and Google Cloud Platform as a demo showcase, and all may be managed using the new SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

The SAP Cloud Platform has the capability for multilanguage runtime environments, including Java, Node.js and SAP HANA.

SAP chief technical officer Bjoern Goerke said that with the new, improved SAP Cloud Platform, the company was reaching out to developers to act as partners to develop applications for the SAP cloud. He noted that ‘In a time where software is the main catalyst for digital transformation, developers are the new kingmakers.’

Goerke also noted that professional developers will find many uses for the new platform development tools, but asked that ‘citizen developers’ join the partnership as well.

“With software being the one enabler to streamline and rethink business processes, we see the need for services and tools that cater to tech-savvy knowledge experts without an engineering background – citizen developers. With graphical modelling tooling,” he said, “even business analysts and non-coders can create workflows and collaborative processes with ease.”

The SAP Cloud Platform has also been enhanced to provide general availability for IoT and Big Data services through SAP Leonardo, and new mobile and Fiori Cloud app development and deployment services.

Google has certified SAP technology and applications on the Google Cloud Platform, as part of the innovation partnership announced earlier this year. Specifically, SAP NetWeaver is certified to run on the Google Cloud Platform, allowing organizations to run S/4HANA and the SAP Business Warehouse application on GCP.

The company also announced improvements to the SAP App Center, which has added hundreds of new APIs including microservices and integration flows. Customers can now purchase partner apps directly from the center, with APIs for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris and Ariba solutions.


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