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NVIDIA to train 100,000 developers in AI this year

Tue 9 May 2017


At the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, NVIDIA announced that it has set in motion a program to train 100,000 developers in deep learning and artificial intelligence by the end of 2017.

Developers will be trained through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, which offers on-site training at labs and corporate locations, as well as a variety of online courses.

The Deep Learning Institute, which was launched a year ago, has trained 10,000 developers to date through programs held at universities, government agencies, and within private organisations. Courses are also made available online through partnerships with Udacity and Coursera, and cloud providers Microsoft and AWS.

In order to ramp up the number of developers trained on deep learning and AI through the Institute, NVIDIA has expanded its curriculum to appeal to a broader range of developer interest. New courses include a focus on self-driving cars, healthcare, web services, robotics, video analytics, and finance. The company has also added support for several deep learning frameworks including Caffe2, MXNet and TensorFlow.

To support the effort, NVIDIA has established training labs at new locations including the Mayo Clinic, Google, and Stanford University. The firm has also created a Deep Learning Institute Teaching Kit for academics.

The company has partnered with HPE, IBM and Microsoft to deliver training through the Deep Learning Institute. Greg Estes, vice president of developer programs at NVIDIA, said that partnering with larger companies allows NVIDIA to utilize its expertise in deep learning, while leveraging the reach available to global technology giants.

“I think most people would agree that we are the at the very leading edge of artificial intelligence and deep learning, so if we take our knowledge and expertise there, and we work with these other companies, they can help bring that out into the community – it’s a win for everybody.”


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