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Atlassian expands cloud infrastructure to Europe

Wed 3 May 2017

Atlassian Ireland

Australia-based Atlassian has announced that the company is expanding its cloud infrastructure to the European market, with the launch of a new region in Ireland.

The company also revealed that it has made a change to its cloud platform and now relies on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its designated hosting service. This decision may have contributed to the selection of Ireland as the first active European region for Atlassian, as AWS has a strong presence in Ireland, with the highest density of availability zones for AWS in Europe.

Sri Viswanath, CTO of Atlassian, noted that using AWS to host its services will allow the company to deploy cloud services globally using the AWS network, while continuing to invest in privacy, data security and compliance activities to benefit customers.

“Going to AWS gives us speed in terms of being able to build and deploy products faster and give us adaptability in being able to add more regions quickly,” he said.

Viswanath also said that Atlassian would continue to migrate services to the AWS public cloud in Australia and the U.S.  Presumably, with customers in 170 different countries, more Atlassian/AWS cloud regions will follow.

Atlassian, creators of the Jira suite of bug-tracking software and HipChat, the instant messaging service for businesses, currently operates a mix of its own data centers and AWS public cloud services. Customers may choose to run Atlassian products on their own machines, through AWS, or outsource infrastructure management to Atlassian.

Opening a European cloud services region is intended to improve the end-user experience for Atlassian’s European customers by storing data physically closer to clients who account for over 40% of the company’s revenues.

In the same blog post, the company announced that all existing major platforms will be available in Data Center Editions. For example, HipChat Server is a self-hosted internal messaging system used for intra-company communications. The HipChat Data Center is a scalable version that provides uninterrupted, secure communications between employees. Crowd, Atlassian’s identity management system, will also launch a data center edition that will allow integration with existing identity infrastructure. It also announced improvements in BitBucket, Data Center 5.0, and Bamboo 6.0 products.


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