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Aparna launches cloud-in-a-box system

Wed 3 May 2017

Aparna Systems

Aparna Systems has announced the release of a new cloud-in-a-box, system-level architecture that provides energy-efficient, high-density compute, storage and networking capabilities with applications across the network spectrum, from the core to the edge.

The cloud-in-a-box solution utilizes the Orca µCloud and Orca µServer, creating an open software system that provides compute, storage and networking with support for up to 10,000 cores per rack. The Aparna cloud-in-a-box provides clients with system-level architecture that can be used in bare metal, containerized, and/or virtualized clusters.

The µCloud systems were built for clients with limitations in space, power and cooling. It is suited for service providers and for enterprise clients, and the system’s high density combined with energy efficiency make it particularly well-suited for edge and distributed computing needs. With open software and high-performance capabilities, the cloud-in-a-box has applications in data analytics, IoT and AI, as well as fog and multi-access edge computing.

Sam Mathan, CEO and co-founder of Aparna, said that the cloud-in-a-box system is ideal for applications across the computing spectrum, from the edge to the core. He said, “We expect the system’s industry-leading high density, coupled with its high performance and high reliability, will make the µCloud systems especially popular for edge computing and aggregation applications.”

There are two models of the Orca µCloud system currently available and scalable to customer needs. The smaller of the two is the 4015, which contains slots for up to 15 µServers. A larger version, the 4060, which contains slots for up to 60 µServers, is available for clients with higher traffic demands.

The µCloud systems are packaged in a standard chassis and can be assembled in either standard or telco racks. Both the 4015 and 4060 models are equipped to deliver 20Gbps of bandwidth per server and an aggregate uplink capacity of 640Gbps.

Aparna’s cloud-in-a-box offers a high density, energy-efficient system for compute, storage and networking needs. The 4060 model can sustain up to 10,000 cores per rack, and both the 4060 and 4015 are energy efficient, using less than 75 watts per µServer.

The µServers themselves are available in two models. The Oserv8 contains 8 cores, and the Oserv 16 contains 16 cores, each approximately the size of a 3.5-inch hard disk drive. The Oserv µServers use Intel Xeon processors, DDR RAM and dual SATA or NVMe SSDs.


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