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Huawei launches cloud solutions for public safety

Thu 27 Apr 2017

At the Global Safe City Summit 2017, Huawei announced several innovative solutions leveraging technology for the improvement of public safety in cities worldwide.

The C-C4ISR Collaborative Public Safety Solution uses a mobile broadband network with software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities and cloud-pipe-device synergy to form the backbone of a public safety system that drives collaboration between various response teams. The C-C4ISR also leverages new technological advances in big data and the internet of things (IoT) to create an efficient collaborative network for information sharing.

Huawei also launched the first all-cloud and matrix intelligence Video Cloud Solution and Crisis and Disaster Management Solution.

While public safety is a growing concern for governments across the globe, traditional public safety systems run independently of one another and are not built for information sharing. Police, fire, and emergency or disaster response teams may have a difficult time sharing information and coordinating responses to emergency situations.

Using the C-C4ISR, governmental agencies can share critical information between agencies and teams and also with citizens.

Fan Siyong, President of Public Sector for Huawei, hopes that digital transformation will help cities to better manage emergency situations. He said, “By building cross-region and cross-agency collaborative public safety systems that connect governments and citizens, we can help cities better prevent, detect, handle, and recover from various threats.”

The collaborative system incorporates command and control, communication, and cloud services with big data intelligence analysis. It also leverages various devices including IoT devices and drones for real-time surveillance and reconnaissance. Gaining and then sharing information between parties forms the core of the C-C4ISR system, which Huawei hopes drive digital transformation in the arena of public safety.

The Video Cloud Solution was created to solve the problem of siloed video surveillance systems. Like intelligence gathering and communication, various public safety groups may use different video systems that run independently of one another, breeding inefficiencies and lack of communication. The Huawei Video Cloud Solution is based on an open cloud platform, that allows different agencies to share video data with one another. It integrates big data analysis and can support the different algorithmic analysis requirements of various groups while providing practical video services. The matrix intelligence architecture allows for distributed analysis at different layers of data, enabling a smart system that can provide data analysis within seconds.

The Video Cloud Solution can also provide public services including traffic guidance, crowd monitoring and scanning for missing persons.

The Crisis and Disaster Management Solution just announced also incorporates big data analysis and IoT in a cloud-based system created to improve communications between prevention and response teams and citizens in an emergency situation, with a view to improving public safety.


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