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IBM expands Bluemix cloud developer console

Wed 19 Apr 2017

IBM has announced an expansion to the developer console for the company’s cloud platform, Bluemix.

The expanded developer console will include templates of applications that are ready to code to user specification. The templates include database integration, as well as cognitive and security services.

This is expected to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for developers to set up microservices and roll out applications. Using the templates as building blocks for applications, rather than starting from scratch, developers can easily and quickly create cloud apps across mobile, web, and backend systems.

Bluemix developers can now access the dashboard to create a customized template that includes the type of building block they would like to create, followed by the type of services they want to incorporate into the new app. Once a language is determined, the console generates a project pattern that can then be downloaded and edited to user specifications. Upon completion, the application may be deployed locally or directly to Bluemix.

The new expansion includes the Mobile App template, which allows developers to create applications that integrate with mobile services such as Push and Mobile Analytics. It also includes Backend for Frontend, which integrates backend patterns such as data, security, and cognitive intelligence into new applications. A template for WebApp is available, to assist in the development of a client-side web app using tools like Gulp, Sass, and React.

The developer console expansion also builds on last week’s announcement of new techniques for writing Bluemix-compatible microservices in a variety of languages, creating the flexibility for enterprises to assign several different developers to work on an app in different languages.

Now, with the expanded developer console, users can access microservice templates to get starter code for a single function that can be reused across multiple clients, with built-in Dockerfile to run the microservice in Docker container environments.

The expansion also includes integration with data services IBM Cloud Object Storage and Cloudant, and security services using AppID.

Earlier this month, IBM announced that Bluemix would become the first major global cloud provider to make the NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU accelerator available on the IBM Cloud platform. Clients are now able to equip IBM Bluemix bare metal cloud servers with NVIDIA accelerators, helping enterprises to run compute-heavy workloads including AI and analytics more quickly and efficiently.


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