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Equinix partners with Google for cloud containerization

Wed 19 Apr 2017

Equinix has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide hybrid cloud container architecture to customers.

The Equinix-GCP offering will combine Platform Equinix, the global data center interconnect platform with Google Container Engine (GKE) using Kubernetes open-source technology. Hybrid Kubernetes deployment is expected to assist developers in data and application containerization, and accelerate cloud migration activities for the enterprise.

The end product, leveraging Equinix and Google Cloud together, will allow customers direct, secure access to the Google Cloud and other Google services through the Equinix Cloud Exchange. Enterprises can easily move large volumes of data to the Google Cloud for storage, and out of the cloud for analysis. Dedicated connectivity will also provide consistent and manageable network availability with redundant connections of up to 10 GB to the Google Cloud Platform.

This allows customers to leverage hybrid cloud solutions for disaster recovery, test environments, and cloud bursting solutions. Automating deployment of applications across clusters, accessing the Google Cloud through the Equinix Exchange, is expected to support 100 times the scalability of traditional virtual environments, according to Equinix.

Allan Naim, Project Manager for GKE, said that using the Google Container Engine to directly access Google Cloud with Equinix will add value to the cloud services used by enterprises. In the Equinix blog post, he said, “Deploying applications using open Kubernetes-based container platforms such as Google Container Engine enables customers to deploy applications more seamlessly in a multi-cloud environment, accelerating the creation of hybrid enabled cloud architectures.”

A container adoption market survey showed that of the businesses surveyed, 79% currently run container technologies, in large part to increase developer efficiency and to run microservices. Over two-thirds of respondents were satisfied with the results of containerization on system architecture.

Using the Google Container Engine, Equinix Cloud customers will be able to streamline applications with fast and easy creation of managed container clusters. Users will also be able to scale applications automatically based on fluctuating resource availability. Google will use Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) to provide site reliability with automatic updates and automatic repairs of master and nodes.

The Google Cloud Platform / Equinix solution is available in 17 metro markets throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific including Silicon Valley, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.



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