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LYNK & CO and Ericsson drive forward built-in car sharing

Tue 18 Apr 2017

The two companies have debuted a new in-car, app-based sharing feature at a Shanghai demonstration

A major breakthrough in built-in car sharing has been witnessed at a demonstration from LYNK & CO and Ericsson.

The two companies tested the new in-car, app-based sharing feature at a live demonstration on 17th April 2017 in Shanghai. LYNK & CO and Ericsson have joined forces to shape the future of car connectivity. Ericsson was an ideal choice for the project as it is known for its Connected Vehicle Cloud service and its leadership in Cloud and Internet of Things.

The demonstration follows the announcement of the launch of the new car brand on 20th October 2016. Introduced by China-based car manufacturer (and owner of Volvo), Geely, the LYNK & CO 01 was premiered as the first car for the digital age. The “world’s most connected car” is also the first car to feature its own dedicated app store.

A car owner can benefit greatly from Ericsson’s Digital Key and LYNK & CO’s car sharing platform. By using a smartphone, an owner can remotely have access to the car, and can control, monitor or share the vehicle.

Applications displayed on a main central screen are permanently connected via on-board telematics to the LYNK & CO cloud which is powered by Ericsson. This is an example of how connectivity is the watchword for LYNK & CO cars which offer a wide range of connected technologies – the end results make life easier for drivers.

Alain Visser, Chairman of LYNK & CO, explained that Ericsson was the logical choice to help develop the company’s digital car. “Connectivity is in LYNK & CO’s DNA and is at the core of our brand’s proposition. Our cars are built on a number of technology fundamentals and Ericsson is our obvious partner of choice in the development of our digital car.” Mr Visser added that the digital key solution arose from an innovative co-creation exercise: “Through cloud technology, we are able to offer a complete new service and functionality for our customers.”

Charlotta Sund, Head of IoT at Ericsson, added that the company’s unique expertise in IoT and Cloud with LYNK & CO’s deep market understanding resulted in the development of the secure and reliable platform. “Our partnership also has positive impact on our core business by driving traffic in the networks we provide. This is the proof of our ability to drive business innovation in some of the new emerging industries we are exploring.”


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