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VeloCloud launches SD-WAN security ecosystem

Wed 12 Apr 2017


VeloCloud Networks, Inc. has announced a new SD-WAN security ecosystem, made up of partners that work together to provide security across software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN).

This comprehensive security partner program allows partners to create customized, interoperable data protection at the branch, data center, and cloud network levels.

The VeloCloud Security Technology Partner Program already counts IBM Security, CheckPoint Software, Fortinet and Zscaler as inaugural partners. The seven inaugural partners cover areas of network, cloud and management security.

VeloCloud Partners can now implement VeloCloud cloud-delivered SD-WAN security products along with their own, preferred interoperable security products to create, customize and deliver secure data transmission solutions.

VeloCloud CEO Sanjay Uppal acknowledges that security is a primary concern for all clients, particularly for multinational enterprises that manage large volumes of data. “Enterprise WAN architectures are undergoing a significant refresh,” he said, “and VeloCloud’s technology brings together the world’s best-in-class security on a SD-WAN platform that is architected for the WAN of the future.”

The SD-WAN Security Technology Partner Program includes the use of VeloCloud Edge to provide branch network security, secure direct connection from branch to cloud using VeloCloud Edge and Gateway, and security analytics interfaces. Partners can use VeloCloud products with their own SIEM products and operation centers to maximize data security at all levels, and to create customized network security solutions.

The VeloCloud SD-WAN API will be available to partners, as will the VNF framework. The VeloCloud Development Framework will support new services and software integration within the security ecosystem. The fully scalable security framework allows every partner to create a security solution appropriate to its needs, leveraging the interoperability of VeloCloud with leading security software products.

Ben Hendrick, Global Partner for IBM security, said that the launch of the new IBM Secure SD-WAN for IBM enterprise clients was improved by the company’s participation in the VeloCloud Partner Program. “Being part of the VeloCloud Technology Partner program provides us with the resources and blueprints needed to successfully consult and manage a Secure SD-WAN both on-premises and in the cloud.”


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