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Cloud Foundry tackles developer skills gap with certification initiative

Wed 29 Mar 2017

Cloud Foundry

As part of a series of announcements at this year’s CloudNative Con and KubeCon events in Berlin, Cloud Foundry Foundation, the open source application platform for cloud computing, has launched a new cloud-native developer training and certification programme.

The initiative, which Cloud Foundry claims is the largest of its type worldwide, hopes to address the developer skills gap threatening to hamper the growth of global enterprises. The Foundation noted that there are around a quarter of a million job openings for software developers in the U.S. alone, as well as half a million unfilled jobs that require tech skills, with this forecast predicted to stretch to one million within the next decade.

The project already has the support of industry giants Dell EMC, IBM, SAP and Pivotal. It will also be delivered in partnership with the Linux Foundation across its eLearning infrastructure. The scheme will focus on all of the major public cloud platforms which currently offer Cloud Foundry support, including Huawei, IBM, Pivotal, SAP and Swisscom.

Participants will sit a $300 online exam which will take around four hours to complete. The test will cover all Cloud Foundry basics, such as cloud-native architectural principles, troubleshooting, application security and container management. The exam will also require candidates to have prior experience with modifying simple Java, Node.js and Ruby applications.

Speaking to The Stack at CloudNative Con, Abby Kearns, Executive Director at Cloud Foundry Foundation said: ‘Many companies are at an inflection point where they want to grow and scale but are lacking the skills to do so. If you’re an enterprise organisation that’s not traditionally software-centric, you don’t have the relevant knowledge in-house and are therefore unable to truly take advantage of all the opportunities that cloud can bring to transform your business.

Our certification initiative can alleviate the shortfall by training people internally, as well as building a pipeline of talent for the future. Offering a training programme as well as certification is important for the enterprise organisations but also for the developers themselves. This is a rapidly changing market and the programme is a critical step in helping developers to accelerate their career.’

The Cloud Foundry certification is currently in beta and will become generally available this June, with the official launch taking place at the Cloud Foundry Summit in Silicon Valley.


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