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Deloitte improves cloud service offerings

Tue 28 Mar 2017

Deloitte cloud

Deloitte announced today that it would expand cloud services with the acquisition of a cloud consulting firm, the addition of 3,000 new jobs, and the opening of cloud studios across the United States.

Deloitte has acquired Day1 Solutions Inc., an emerging cloud consulting firm based out of McLean, Virginia. Day1 provides clients cloud solutions in systems integration and managed services, while acting as a value-added reseller for cloud and tech companies.

Day1’s team will provide Deloitte with additional cloud consulting services and help clients with accelerating and supporting cloud initiatives. Day1 provides cloud consulting to both private enterprises and government agencies and has formulated strong relationships with cloud providers, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Deloitte is also adding 3,000 new high-tech engineering jobs in the United States next year, to help organizations to strategize and implement cloud solutions for their businesses. The new engineering group will be focused on cloud innovations to provide cognitive cloud solutions and analytics, and will operate out of three new cloud studios to be located in Orlando, New York, and Washington, D.C., adding to the existing global network of 44 Deloitte Digital studios.

Ranjit Bawa, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP believes that cloud is the backbone of technological growth and a critical component of the forward-looking enterprise. “For years, we’ve helped our clients view cloud integration as a critical driver for business transformation. By adding these significant investments to our portfolio, our clients will have access to deeper cloud expertise and even more innovative capabilities, as well as the talent they need to help them thrive in a fast-moving digital economy.”

An accounting firm operating under the Deloitte umbrella was recently the subject of an investigation into accounting fraud at Daewoo shipping, which may lead to the suspension of all Anjin accounting business in South Korea. Deloitte Anjin is one of the largest accounting firms in South Korea with a portfolio of over 1,000 client companies and operates under the international arm of Deloitte, although the company may consider breaking with Anjin in the wake of the scandal.

A representative of South Korea’s Financial Services Commission said, “We found that Deloitte Anjin’s auditing team acquiesced in accounting fraud of DSME.” Punitive measures include the suspension of business in the country, to be announced next week. The former CEO and Vice President of Daewoo each received prison sentences for their actions in connection with the fraud.


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