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Juniper launches cloud-based DCI product

Wed 22 Mar 2017

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks has announced the release of Open Cloud Interconnect, a comprehensive data center interconnect (DCI) product aimed at simplifying the network operations associated with cloud services, while at the same time increasing the speed of cloud service delivery.

Open Cloud Interconnect combines programmable switching, routing and virtualization technology with high-capacity fiber optics, creating a customizable foundation for speedy delivery of cloud services. Using Open Cloud, customers will be able to easily optimize multi-layer networks to increase automation and network control in private, public, or hybrid cloud networks.

The Open Cloud Interconnect product uses dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) cards to increase capacity on existing fiber lines, allowing customers to increase network speeds without replacing or upgrading physical fiber. The QFX 10000 provides six ports with 200 Gbps of capacity, for a card total of 1.2 terabits per second (Tbps). The BTI 7800 line card is a muxponder/transponder that provides 10 ports of up to 200 Gbps each and is compatible with Juniper and third-party line cards.

Juniper has also revised the proNX Service Manager software to create a coherent interface across different routers, and switches including those from the MX and PTX series of routers and QFX switches and the BTI packet optical portfolio. The proNX software has also been integrated with Juniper’s NorthStar Controller, allowing operators visibility and control across multi -layered networks.

The BTI 7800 is available immediately, as is the upgraded proNX software. The QFX 10000 line card is expected to be released next quarter.

Masum Mir, the Vice President of Product, Solutions and Technical Marketing and Engineering for Juniper, believes that Open Cloud Interconnect will provide customers with a data center infrastructure solution that allows them to build advanced networks to optimize efficiency.

“Juniper’s Open Cloud Interconnect solution represents a comprehensive approach to DCI that is designed to enable customers to build a network utilizing advanced capabilities of routing, switching and coherent optical transport to help cloud infrastructure providers and enterprises accelerate their time-to-business value, while maximizing operational efficiency.” He added, “The Open Cloud Interconnect solution can play a pivotal role within a technology transition cycle that’s heading towards a digitally cohesive era where automation, mega-services and machine learning will reign supreme.”

Earlier this month, Juniper was named Supplier of the Year by Vodafone, at the 2016 Vodafone Supplier awards ceremony.


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