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IBM innovates pricing model for ‘cold storage’ data access

Mon 20 Mar 2017

IBM has announced new revisions to its Cloud Object Storage pricing model, enabling its customers to gain access to improved latency for ‘cold’ information that is normally stored very cheaply but with practical limitations on speed of access.

The changes, announced at IBM Interconnect in Las Vegas, are implemented via IBM’s new Cloud Storage Object Flex structure, which offers a pay-as-you-go facility that it claims could undercut AWS S3 IA by 53%, and Azure GRS Cool Tier by up to 75%.

The typical cloud business access model offers a range of accessibility possibilities from ‘hot’ (frequently accessed data) to ‘cool’ (occasional access) and ‘cold’ for archival data that is rarely accessed. The new model IBM is offering is aimed at businesses which require a less stratified and more flexible approach to data retrieval.

John Morris, general manager of IBM Cloud Object Storage, comments “Clients need faster access to more of their data to become cognitive businesses with a deep understanding of markets and customer needs,” and continues “IBM’s new cloud storage services and innovative pricing model provides clients an efficient and less expensive way to act on insights from unpredictable data patterns.”

The IBM Cloud Object Storage Cold Vault also aims to lead the market for recovery of cold data in a live retrieval situation, and is an addition to the existing Vault and Standard pricing tiers at Big Blue.

At the same time IBM has announced the expansion of its long-term collaboration with NetApp – the latter’s AltaVault cloud backup services will now be able to store backups on IBM’s Cloud Object Storage automatically. The facility will be made available via sales channels, and is intended to form part of IBM’s Global Business Services framework model.

Interconnect is releasing a storm of IBM news, including a collaboration with Red Hat to accelerate Hybrid Cloud Adoption via OpenStack, a further cloud data management collaboration with Veritas, new functionality in IBM Watson’s Discovery capabilities and an AI-driven gaming analytics initiative with PlayFab.


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