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Google releases Cloud Container Builder

Tue 7 Mar 2017

Google has revealed a new tool for developing Docker images which can be deployed in any environment via Google Cloud Platform – allowing for the same kind of automation in software packaging that the search giant has been developing for its own use in recent years.

Google Cloud Container Builder (GCCB) offers a REST API for pre-programmed creation and build management, in addition to a Gcloud CLI, and the company has provided example use cases of the Cloud SDK and curl.

GCCB permits users to develop Docker containers on GCP from source code, with the containers thereafter stored in the Google Container registry. The build’s internal dependencies and characteristics will remain operational in any environment which can run Docker containers, with native support for Gradle, Bazel and Maven.

Though there is no requirement that user activity lead to an image build, doing so will make it much easier to engage with Google Cloud Platform.

Google began using the Container Builder tool in March of 2016 as the packaging engine behind Gcloud’s app deployment commands for the App Engine Flexible Environment.

The Container Builder brings two additional UI environments to the Google Cloud Console in the Container Registry. Build History displays all assemblies to date replete with logs, while Build Triggers allows the user to establish automated CI/CD workflows that can generate updated builds systematically when changes are made to source code.

Google has additionally provided a series of quick-start tutorials to facilitate initial builds, including the traditional Hello World example, hosted at GitHub.

GCCB is not entirely obsessed with Docker. Google describes it as a ‘composable ecosystem’, and has provided open source builders for popular languages, including facilities such as git, go and npm.

The service includes 120 free build minutes per billing day per account, and Google claims that the majority of their beta testing customers were able to migrate builds into Container Builder in that time-frame. Thereafter build activity runs at $.0034 per minute, and the company has provided more detailed pricing information.


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