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Ericsson and Cisco to virtualize Vodafone Australia

Tue 17 Jan 2017

Vodafone Australia

Ericsson has won the contract to transform Vodafone Australia’s core and IP network. The goal is to fully virtualize the Vodafone network in Australia, to make the system more agile and responsive and to allow for faster deployment of new services and improved customer satisfaction.

Ericsson will be responsible for building all the new infrastructure, which will combine Ericsson and Cisco products into a virtualized core and IP network for Vodafone. The virtualized network architecture is based on the Ericsson Hyperscale Data Center System and Ericsson software components including Ericsson Cloud Execution, Cloud Manager, and Cloud SDN controller. Cisco will provide the WAN Automation Engine and Network Services Orchestrator, along with IP network virtualization functions including the IOS XR 9000V and Cisco Cloud Services Router.

Vodafone has a history of partnership with Ericsson, choosing the company to upgrade Vodafone’s core network in 2014. At that time, Ericsson was tasked with replacing and upgrading the network to include virtual functions such as the evolved packet core, or vEPC, which virtualized voice and data convergence functions, and virtual IP Multimedia Subsystem, or virtual IMS.

Ericsson’s knowledge of, and experience with the Vodafone core network including successful virtualization projects will be extremely useful in the deployment of a fully virtualized core and IP network for the company.

As Vodafone Australia CTO Kevin Millroy said: “Ericsson and Cisco are our existing providers of core and routing functions, making them good partners to move into a virtualized environment. This transformation allows us to introduce new applications to drive innovation and improve customer services and user experience.”

“The new infrastructure opens the door to new business models and markets, such as Internet of Things for Vodafone – we are excited about the future prospects this partnership offers,” he added.

Once the project is completed, Vodafone expects to improve customer experience with an agile and flexible network and to reduce operating and capital expenditures.

The virtualization project is part of the partnership between Ericsson and Cisco, announced in 2015, to help ‘create the networks of the future.’ It represents the first major project between the two partners on telecommunications cloud infrastructure development. The strategic partnership, supported by joint commitments between the two companies to partner on infrastructure projects, is expected to bring each company up to $1 billion USD in revenues by 2018.


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