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Oracle launches Israel cloud accelerator

Mon 16 Jan 2017

Oracle Corporation has announced that it will open a cloud accelerator program in Israel.

The program, which will be run by Oracle’s research and development group, is intended to assist startups in Israel who are developing cloud products and services, or whose technologies are based in the cloud.

The Israel cloud accelerator program will likely build on the Oracle Excellence Center for Startups, a partnership between Oracle and the Israeli government to provide support and guidance for startup businesses in the country. The Oracle Excellence Center was started in 2003 and is located in the growing technology centre of Beersheba, in the southern desert area of the country.

Beersheba, a barren desert ten years ago, is now a technology hub with such companies as Lockheed Martin, IBM, and Deutsche Telekom joining Oracle in supporting Israeli tech development.

President of Product Development for Oracle Thomas Kurian, said, “We are committed to building a supportive ecosystem for startups across the globe.”

The Cloud Accelerator in Israel is part of the company’s plan to launch cloud accelerator programs worldwide. The Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator is a global initiative to create an ecosystem to foster innovation in cloud businesses and to support new players in the field.

The first Oracle Cloud Accelerator program was launched in Bangalore, India. It provides startups with assistance tailored to individual needs, including technology, mentoring, and coworking space. Startups benefit from access to Oracle customers and partners, and Oracle can help startups to find investors for their products as well.

While more cloud accelerator programs will be announced soon, Oracle did not disclose the amount that it would invest in each center. However, the company did say that overall it was a multi-million dollar program.

Oracle’s investment in Israel is not limited to startups. Last April, it acquired Israeli technology firm Crosswise for $50 million USD. Crosswise is a big-data firm specializing in cross-device advertising, established in 2013 and sold in 2016. The acquisition was intended to further efforts to understand interactions across multiple devices.

The company also acquired Israeli cloud firm Ravello last year, a deal estimated to be worth $400 to $500 million USD. Ravello is involved in the development of enterprise services for the public cloud.


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