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CloudVelox introduces customised automated cloud migration tools

Wed 7 Dec 2016

CloudVelox, a leading provider of cloud orchestration software, has upgraded its One Hybrid Cloud (OHC) product to include tools for customized automatic migration of data to the cloud.

The new customization features will allow users to map existing physical networks onto a cloud network design, so that an automatic migration of data is possible and can be completed efficiently, with minimal interruption of services.

The latest version of OHC offers different forms of automated cloud network customization. First, the software will take an existing network and recreate it in the public cloud, including the customization of IP addresses. OHC is able to map the physical network to the cloud accurately while taking into account securities, policies and permissions. Then, it can fit workloads and applications into a defined cloud network.

Migrating a complex network from a data center to the cloud is a labor-intensive and complicated process. Automating the network mapping activities can save a customer time and money, minimizing intensive planning activities and reducing downtime. Deployments can be accelerated, while preserving the integrity of security and compliance requirements.

The number one concern for customers considering cloud migrations, according to this study, is a lack of resources and expertise to devote to the project, bypassing security concerns for the first time in 2016. Automating the process for easy transition from a physical to cloud environment may accelerate cloud adoption for hesitant clients.

CloudVelox has partnered with Amazon Web Services, creating a simple drag-and-drop interface in OHC that can be used to automate processes on the AWS cloud platform. The company touts OHC Version 3.0 as ‘a single solution for cloud migration, cloud recovery and cloud Dev/Test,’ allowing operators ‘to leverage cloud services without specialized cloud skills.’

Interested parties can test OHC software on the AWS platform at http://www.cloudvelox.com/test-drive/, creating a cloud Dev/Test environment in under 30 minutes.

CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra said, “Without automation, the network configuration process can be slow and costly, involving a lot of manual scripting which is also prone to human errors and increased risk. Our One Hybrid Cloud solution is bringing breakthrough innovation to automate how a brownfield application can be easily migrated or protected in the cloud.”

The company also announced that it had achieved Public Sector Partner status for the services provided to customers in the public sector, helping to achieve cloud migrations while complying with regulatory requirements.


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