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Ericsson’s Accelerated Network Build promises 50% cut in network creation times

Thu 1 Dec 2016

Global communications giant Ericsson has launched a new service offering called Accelerated Network Build, to accelerate and streamline the network build process for service providers increasing speed, capacity and range of networks.

Ericsson said in a press release that Accelerated Network Build can cut build time by 50% and improve quality and predictability of network services. The new product is comprised of a proprietary cloud-based toolkit utilizing Ericsson’s Network Deployment Delivery Platform.

The Accelerated Network Build product helps operators create a streamlined, two-phased deployment approach for network buildouts. The initial phase incorporates off-site build preparation, and the second manages concurrent activities on site.

Using the cloud-based toolkit, supply requirements are optimized to reduce on-site time, and control of the build-out can be managed remotely.

In addition to reducing the build time by 50%, Ericsson stated that using their new product can reduce the number of site visits required by 70%, and improve predictability of the new network with 99% first-time right delivery.

It also offers improvement to experiences of end users by minimizing the impact of a new network buildout on customer services, and increasing capacity and coverage.

Accelerated Network Build relies on a proprietary cloud-based toolkit, which provides automatic processes and technological innovations to help service providers to complete network builds and meet the needs of their customers more quickly and efficiently, with reduced downtime and impact to customers.

The demand for 5G/LTE network services is expected to rise dramatically over the next few years, with LTE/5G mobile subscriptions expected to top 4 billion by 2020, and 5 billion by 2022. Demand for speedy network connections for IoT-enabled devices is expected to increase as well, with an estimated 34 billion network-connected IoT devices in use by 2020. Service providers will be under increasing pressure to deliver new and updated networks to customers with a minimum of service interruptions and delays.

Fredrik Jejdling, Head of Business Unit Network Services for Ericsson, said, “Results from the pilots show that Accelerated Network Build makes a difference to our customers. By combining technology innovation, cloud-based tools with streamlined processes, our solution will revolutionize how networks are built and set a new standard in the industry.”


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