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Why businesses must embrace a Hybrid IT strategy

Fri 11 Nov 2016

Hybrid IT

shobhit-porwalShobhit Porwal, VP Digital Business Services and Head of Hybrid IT at Fujitsu, highlights the importance of a hybrid approach to IT and cloud adoption…

We are in a world of digital transformation where innovation in the industry is moving faster than we could have imagined. The thirst for disruption has accelerated products’ speed to market and has made managing a robust IT portfolio critical to a company’s ongoing success.

As businesses continue to move at a faster pace, IT is often unable to match the speed of change which is causing significant complexity with shadow IT. Companies are looking to innovate and are starting to buy direct solutions in the cloud, creating further integration and management issues, and inevitably leading to higher costs. This pace is also exposing an increasing number of organizations to potential data breaches and threats.

A structured hybrid approach provides a clear and simple journey to adopting and migrating to secure cloud services.

Implementing an effective Hybrid IT solution can be key to managing this change. Flexible yet strong, fast yet safe, scalable yet cost effective, a hybrid approach to IT allows businesses to adopt cloud managed services, safe in the knowledge that data security, compliance, and governance issues are under control.

Software-driven strategy

IT today is increasingly software-defined – no longer solely focused on physical components. A comprehensive IT portfolio spanning multiple IaaS and PaaS solutions is also becoming the new normal. A hybrid approach enables businesses to unlock value from their architecture, deliver solutions faster, and to orchestrate, aggregate and maximize these multiple cloud layers.

A structured hybrid approach provides a clear and simple journey to adopting and migrating to secure cloud services. It glues cloud-enabled and traditional IT services together seamlessly and delivers great service with commercial flexibility, pace, and agility.

The organizations that most readily accept the new reality of hybrid infrastructure and reconfigure themselves to manage a radically different IT landscape, will find they are better positioned for the future. In particular, they will find themselves more able to innovate, less vulnerable to security risks and system-performance issues, and more responsive to the demands of their respective markets.

IT leadership

The role of the CIO is shifting too – from that of an IT provider and procurer to that of an advisor and broker. CIOs remain drivers of their organization’s IT strategies, but, equally, they should recognize that the rest of the business needs greater freedom to decide which systems to buy or use.

In the long term, there may need to be a more fundamental shift of the IT function. For example, in a federated model, the CIO remains at the center owning a governance structure that helps guide the business while becoming more closely aligned to business needs through a brokering model that delivers a hybrid portfolio of cloud and non-cloud services.

This shift ensures that IT takes lead on educating the wider business on managing risks and governance processes. Additionally, the CIO should engage providers that can help leverage the investments in Hybrid IT offerings and provide businesses with a standard procurement service. It’s imperative to define the integration requirements for a new service and ensure the overall governance framework covers the entire lifecycle of adoption.

Hybrid IT adoption speaks to a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a business that was born in the cloud and are now looking for a hybrid model or an organization that’s looking for ways to move to the cloud for an enhanced business proposition. You may also be a business that is trying to be relevant and adopt solutions for faster time to market or innovation. The good news is Hybrid IT is a solution for all types of companies.


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