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Cloudian secures $41M for hybrid cloud object storage

Tue 1 Nov 2016

Silicon Valley object storage company Cloudian has secured $41M in funding to drive the creation of its hybrid cloud object storage platform. The Cloudian HyperStore, launched in 2011, provides fully scalable S3 rated object storage.

New money raised will be used to expand innovation, sales and international operations for the company. This round of funding includes new investors Lenovo and Epsilon Venture Capital, with participation from all existing investors, including companies such as Intel, Fidelity, and Goldman Sachs. Total capital raised to date by Cloudian now totals $79 million USD.

Michael Tso, CEO and co-founder of Cloudian said, “Cloudian object storage redefines the enterprise data centre with hybrid cloud solutions that bring the flexibility and simplicity of public cloud storage into our customer’s data centres, simplifying management and reducing TCO by 70 percent versus conventional storage systems.”

Lisa Spelman, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Marketing Group, said “We believe Cloudian’s unified storage approach, which combines data management and data analytics in a single platform running on Intel Architecture, positions data centre managers exceptionally well to extract value from the massive volumes of information created by accelerating device connectivity and advances in machine learning.” and continued. “Connected devices are already generating millions of terabytes of information every day. The challenge is both to manage that information and to analyse and derive value from it.”

Cloudian was part of the recent Google announcement of the new Coldline cloud storage system. Coldline is the Google answer to long-term cloud storage, for purposes of long-term archiving and disaster recovery functions. In the blog post announcing the release, Google said, “The Cloudian HyperStore smart data storage platform seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud Storage (including Coldline) to provide anywhere from terabytes to hundreds of petabytes of on-premises storage. Policy-based data migration lets you move data to Coldline based on rules such as data type, age and frequency of access.”

Integration of Cloudian with Google’s Coldline is intended to provide customers with hybrid cloud object storage for instantaneous search and data access functions.

Cloudian is also guaranteed to be compatible with Amazon S3, ‘the de facto standard in cloud object storage.’


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