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Microsoft Cloud receives accreditation from Indian government

Wed 19 Oct 2016

Microsoft has become one of the first companies to receive cloud services accreditation from the Indian government, promoting the adoption of cloud solutions by the public sector in India. This gives Microsoft a head-start in becoming a premier cloud solutions provider in India, both in the public and in the private sector.

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has announced that Microsoft was one of the first cloud services providers to achieve provisional accreditation. As the body that governs public sector guidelines for technology, the MeitY stamp of approval means that all Indian governmental agencies and departments may now choose Microsoft Cloud solutions for their various requirements.

However, the private sector in India, while not bound by MeitY guidelines, does pay attention to them. A MeitY accreditation may help to promote Microsoft as a cloud services provide in the Indian private sector as well.

In a statement on their blog, Microsoft noted, “The Microsoft Cloud provides industry-leading levels of security, privacy controls, compliance, and transparency for Indian government agencies to achieve higher efficiencies, with greater reliability and scalability.”

The MeitY first proposed a road map to cloud adoption in 2013. The current bid for accreditation by Microsoft has been under extensive review since February of this year, with a study of standards and requirements by the government that covered areas including service levels, storage, and security requirements that the company had to meet. These included vulnerability scans, reporting, and encryption standards, all of which were reviewed by MeitY prior to offering their provisional accreditation.

While companies are competing for a place in the growing Indian market, one strategy has been to set high regulatory standards for approval of foreign influences, in part to foster investment in Indian-based companies. However, as one of the first approved foreign-based companies to provide cloud solutions, Microsoft may be able to sidestep the competitive consumer technology battles for individual customers, and instead become an integral part of the Indian technological framework by becoming the country’s first choice in cloud migration.

Microsoft said, “With this new accreditation, Microsoft can now do more to support the Government of India in its journey to provide transformational e-governance services, financial inclusion opportunities, quality healthcare, and education to billions of people in the country.”


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