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Tinder photo algorithm selects your ‘best’ shot

Fri 14 Oct 2016

Tider profile photo

Tinder has introduced a new feature to its dating app which uses an algorithm to automatically pick your best profile photo, increasing users’ chances of finding a match.

As potential suitors swipe through pictures, the new algorithm will switch up the order of your photos and display alternating sequences to different users. From this, the Smart Photos tool will become smarter and more accurate, learning which photos get the most positive responses and change the order accordingly.

‘We’re working our magic to make swiping more fun and more effective. Tinder’s Smart Photos feature is designed to bring you more matches, but it’s also a great way to see which way of presenting yourself is the most compelling to others,’ the company wrote in its release.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 11.12.59Tinder stated that in testing those who had enabled Smart Photos saw a 12% jump in matches. It also found that users felt less anxious about choosing their ‘best’ shot with Tinder doing the hard work for them.

Tinder’s resident sociologist Dr. Jesse Carbino suggested that people’s photos were more likely to be rejected if they were not smiling, covering their face (even slightly), in a group of people, wearing a hat or wearing any kind of glasses.

Mike Hall, machine learning lead at Tinder, wrote in his blog: ‘The most important thing I learned from creating the Smart Photos algorithm was that when all is said and done, we never really know what will get the best response from others until we put it to the test. And once we do, a clear winner emerges.’

The dating company has recently introduced a series of features designed to increase your chances of ‘matching’. Tinder Boost, launched in the U.S. last month, which allows users to pay to be the top profile in their area for 30 minutes in the spotlight. According to Tinder, this option delivers 10% more profile views than the standard package. For those with Tinder Plus, users receive one free Boost per week.

Tinder Social is a further addition which targets groups looking for other groups to join them on a night out. Launched in July, the mode encourages friendship circles to meet up – make new friends, and potentially spark new romantic connections.


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