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IBM introduces new Object Storage service for hybrid clouds

Thu 13 Oct 2016

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM has introduced its new cloud object storage service, which it claims is the industry’s first solution of its kind tailored for use across hybrid cloud architectures.

The tech company argued in its release that while organisations are jumping to adopt cloud technologies, they are forced to choose between storing data on internal servers and storage, or in the cloud. According to IBM, this dilemma has hampered business flexibility and raised infrastructure costs. The new IBM Cloud Object Storage solution, which stems from technology acquired in 2015 from object-based data storage company Cleversafe, aims to deliver a flexible, hybrid storage service.

The Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering will allow customers to quickly and easily scale unstructured data across on-premises systems and private and public clouds. The tech giant argues that this capability will significantly boost flexibility, as well as improving security.

In terms of pricing, IBM claims that the new solution offers 25% lower costs than identical object storage capacity on competitor clouds.

‘As clients continue to move massive workloads to hybrid clouds there is a need for an easier, more secure and economical way to store and manage mounting volumes of digital information,’ commented Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president of IBM Cloud.

He added: ‘With today’s announcement, IBM becomes the leading cloud vendor to provide clients the flexibility and availability of object data storage across on-premises and public clouds.’

The object storage solution develops a technology known as SecureSlice, which uses encryption and decryption technologies coupled with erasure coding to achieve greater security and information dispersal. SecureSlice automatically encrypts each segment of data before it is erasure coded and dispersed. The content can only be re-assembled through IBM Cloud’s ‘accesser’ technology at the client’s primary data centre, where the data was originally received, and decrypted by SecureSlice.

The company believes that this combination supports customers in meeting their data compliance requirements and maintaining access to critical data even when faced with a major outage.


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