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Salesforce delivers Einstein AI across software offering

Mon 19 Sep 2016

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce has announced its plans to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) tools to boost the platform’s smart credentials and will debut the technology at its upcoming annual user conference in San Francisco next month.

The addition, named Einstein, is a suite of online AI solutions built to support salespeople by automating tasks, predicting behaviours and highlighting relevant information. The tools will be based on a combination of deep learning algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and data discovery.

Einstein, which will be integrated into a range of Salesforce products, will be able to better predict which customers are more likely to buy products, and recommend which customers a salesperson should contact. Analysing data stored on Salesforce servers, including customer information, email, calendar details, and social media posts, the AI technology will be able to pick up on consumer behaviours and predict future activity.

Following the steps of other tech firms such as IBM, Microsoft and Google, Salesforce will also make Einstein services available for businesses to build into their own corporate applications.

Salesforce said that the technology behind Einstein has been developed through business intelligence systems and talent acquired by the company since 2013. The company has spent $700 million (approx. £540 million) over the past three years on building its AI and data scientist teams.

These acquisitions included relationship intelligence company RelateIQ for $390 million in July last year, sales intelligence startup Implisit Insights in May, and analytics firm BeyondCore in August. In April the SaaS company also acquired deep learning business MetaMind, whose founder, Richard Socher, is now chief scientist and research lab lead at Salesforce.

Salesforce hopes that this AI push will help it gain ground over its competition but the market is tough – particularly with the likes of IBM investing billions in its Watson AI output.


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