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Google acquires API platform company Apigee for $625 million

Thu 8 Sep 2016

Google announced today that it is acquiring API platform company Apigee for $625 million (approx.£470 million).

Headquartered in San Jose, with branches in London and Bangalore, Apigee offers an Intelligent API Platform (see video below) to connect disparate services and protocols. The company specialises in data transformation and payload restructuring; on a practical level this can mean transliteration between JSON and XML or XLST, and providing secure transformative platforms backed up by 0auth and 2-way SSL connections.

Google’s announcement regarding the acquisition notes Forrester’s prediction that U.S. companies will have spent near to $3 billion on API management by the end of this decade.

Google’s senior vice president of Cloud Diane Greene said in the release that Google’s open source container cluster manager Kubernetes will be incorporated into any Apigee-centric production flows in the future.

Greene commented in Apigee’s own release:

“Companies are moving beyond the traditional ways of communicating like phone calls and visits and instead are communicating programmatically through APIs. APIs allow the company’s backend services to talk to the mobile and web-based apps used by their customers and partners.

“Instead of the doctor phoning a prescription into the pharmacy, they can use an app that talks to the pharmacy through an API. Apigee easily enables this by providing a comprehensive API platform that supports secure, stable, multi-language, dev, test, publish and analytics capabilities”

The acquisition provides further indication that the re-tooling of legacy information frameworks is likely to become a significant sector as the big data revolution seeks to bring ‘dark data’ into modern secure systems – without the unconscionable expense of complete migration to newer platforms. If anything, it’s a strong indicator against the excessive cloud provision consolidation that has often been predicted for end-of-decade.

Apigee offers a mature range of products, from developer and platform management to business and developer metrics, operations automation and API development. Its secure API runtime features an array of authentication methods including 0Auth2, OpenID, SAML and TLS, backed up by OWASP threat protection, data persistence/BaaS and hybrid deployment.

The company also vaunts 99.999% availability, with monthly traffic throughput of 1 billion calls for the top 25% of its customers. Its clients include BBC Worldwide, Adobe, eBay, First Data, Equinix, Orange, Sears, Vodafone, and Walgreens.


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