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South Korea Telecom launches personal cloud service

Fri 19 Aug 2016 | Aapo Markkanen

SK Telecom cloud

South Korea Telecom (SKT) announced today that it is launching a new version of its personal cloud service. Cloudberry will be available to subscribers of SKT, as well as customers of other services in South Korea including LGPlus.

The new service represents an improvement over the previous personal cloud service in areas of privacy, convenience, and portability. Cloudberry offers a secret folder function, where SKT subscribers can store up to 4GB of private data, with data and usage logs available only to the user themselves. Non-subscribers will have access to a similar 2GB service. It also offers an encryption service where the password is known only to the user and is not stored on SKT servers anywhere. This would make encrypted material available only to the user themselves.

SKT also claims that Cloudberry represents an improvement in convenience over the existing TCloud service, as it has changed the video and data management interface as well as smartphone backup systems. SKT also changed the account identifier to a user ID rather than using the account phone number. This allows for portability of data should the Cloudberry user decide to switch mobile providers.

Currently, Cloudberry offers 38GB of storage to SKT subscribers and 18GB to customers of rival networks, but the company is considering providing the same amount of storage to all users, regardless of the company that they have chosen as a mobile services provider.

Wi Eui-seok, Executive Vice President of SKT Product Planning, said in a statement, “SK Telecom has launched Cloudberry to help all customers manage their personal data through our cloud service. We will continue to improve Cloudberry as the ultimate cloud service that provides safe management of mobile and digital assets.”

SK Telecom has had a string of successes in end-user applications this summer. First, a T-Phone app was released that allows users to check an unrecognized number against other users’ phone books before opening or answering. This app, intended to reduce instances of phishing and smishing, passed 10 million subscribers as of August 8. SKT also opened its T-Map navigation service to all service carriers free of charge in July. Just 20 days later, the T-Map service had over 1 million subscribers.

Cloudberry is available today for Android, and is expected soon in the iPhone App Store. Users will have until year-end to transfer data from the existing TCloud to Cloudberry.

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